Get the VIP treatment

Join our VIP club and take advantage of lower fees, 24/7 support, special promotions and extra security.

The entry rules are simple: the more you spend using your Skrill wallet, the more benefits and rewards you earn through membership of our exclusive VIP programme.

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An exclusive VIP experience

  1. Join an exclusive club

    Enjoy priority bank uploads and higher limits on your transactions – both online and offline.

  2. Ultimate protection

    Because the more you spend the more it matters if something goes wrong, our ‘100% money back’ guarantee offers complete fraud protection with your Skrill security token.

  3. 24/7 dedicated support

    All our VIPs enjoy access to help 24 hours a day. Silver members and above also have a personal account manager. 

  4. Easy access to funds

    We’ll give you a free Skrill Prepaid MasterCard®, which you can use to pay online and in shops and to withdraw funds at 2.1 million ATMs worldwide.

  5. Lower fees

    As a member of this exclusive club, you’ll enjoy reduced fees for your transactions. The more you use your Skrill wallet, the less you’ll pay.

The bigger the spend,
the bigger the rewards.

Skrill VIP programme

Your benefits improve as you transact more Multi-currency account Personal Account Manager Skrill Prepaid Mastercard daily ATM limit Priority bank uploads Free Skrill Security Token Dedicated 24/7 VIP Care Better Value Free MasterCard Free ATM withdrawals Send Money Fee capped to 1€ Card upload fees Bank withdrawal fees Lower FX rates
Bronze (1)transact over €6000 in 90 days €250 Better Value Lower card fee1.25% €2.95 Lower FX fees2.49%*, 2.99%**, 3.49%***
Silvertransact over €15000 in 90 days + 1 account €500 Better Value Free Free Lower FX fees2.25%*, 2.75%**, 3.25%***
Goldtransact over €45000 in 90 days + 2 accounts €2500 Better Value Free Free Lower FX fees1.99%*, 2.49%**, 2.99%***
Diamondtransact over €90000 in 90 days + 3 accounts €2500 Better Value Free Free Lower FX fees1.75%
VIP FAQ and contacts

(1) Bronze VIP fee changes: Primary bank withdrawals will be charged at €3.95 and secondary bank withdrawals will be charged at €5.50. Send money fee capped at €5. ATM withdrawal fee of €1.80.

 Fee Change: From 25th January 2016, fees will be as follows:

* For transfers between USD, GBP, EUR, CAD or PLN currencies  -  Bronze 2.69%, Silver 2.39, Gold 2.09, Diamond 1.99%

** For transfer between (USD, GBP, EUR, CAD, PLN) and any other currency  - Bronze 3.39%, Silver 2.89, Gold 2.59, Diamond 1.99%

*** For transfers involving any other currency - Bronze 3.39%, Silver 2.89, Gold 2.59, Diamond 1.99%

Earn up to €100,000 as a Skrill VIP ambassador

You can share the benefits of being a Skrill VIP by recommending us to your network. Every new Skrill VIP you bring in you could earn up to €100,000 in revenue share from their transactions.