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We want to ensure you get the most out of being a Skrill VIP, which is why all our VIPs enjoy 24/7 access to help. Contact us if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for here. Skrill VIP Silver members or above also have a dedicated account manager, available during office hours five days a week.

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  • Skrill VIP help and FAQs

    • How do I become a Skrill VIP?

      To become a Skrill VIP you must have a valid Skrill account and transfer at least €6.000 to merchants – or the equivalent in your chosen currency – in a quarterly period.

      Quarterly means the following three-month period in any calendar year.

      • Quarter 1: 1 January – 31 March;
      • Quarter 2: 1 April – 30 June; 
      • Quarter 3: 1 July – 30 September; 
      • Quarter 4: 1 October – 31 December.

      The day after you reach the minimum transfer criteria, your account will automatically become a Skrill VIP account. You are then guaranteed the VIP status for the rest of that quarter and also the following quarter. For example, if you become a VIP in February, you are guaranteed to keep the VIP level for the rest of quarter 1 and for quarter 2. 

      In order to keep the VIP status for quarter 3, you will need to make the eligible transfers required in quarter 2, otherwise you will lose the VIP status at the end of Quarter 2.

    • Can I have an account without limits?

      It’s possible to have a Skrill account without outgoing transaction limits. Such accounts are offered to customers depending on verification status and activities.

    • How do I know if I am a Skrill VIP?

      You can tell if you're a Skrill VIP by looking for the *VIP* icon in the account status section on your Account Overview. All new Skrill VIPs are sent an email confirmation of their updated status, you can go to Account Settings to make sure you're set up to receive emails from us.

    • What is the maximum amount I can withdraw from my Skrill account?

      The maximum withdrawal amount depends on your selected withdrawal option and account status. 

      For the Skrill Prepaid Mastercard®* withdrawal limits are €250 in any 24-hour period. VIP customers qualify for higher limits. 

      Visa withdrawals are limited to €4,900 during any 24 hour period. Payouts for greater amounts can be executed via bank transfer. 

      Bank wire withdrawal limits depend on your outgoing transaction limit, if any.

    • How can I open another Skrill account in a different currency?

      Skrill VIP customers can apply to open additional accounts in different currencies. This benefit is available to Silver, Gold and Diamond VIP customers, who can apply by following these steps:

      1. Go to www.skrill.com and, using a new email address, open a new account by clicking on Sign Up.
      2. Complete the registration form, making sure you select a different currency for your new account.
      3. Contact the Skrill VIP team with the email addresses for your old and new accounts. We’ll link the accounts so that both give you the same benefits. You’ll then be able to add the same credit cards and bank accounts to your linked accounts.

      Multiple accounts are provided at our discretion and we reserve the right to deactivate any unauthorised multiple accounts without prior notification.

    • Are there any limits applied on payments and withdrawals?

      The maximum withdrawal amount depends on your selected withdrawal option.

      You can use your Skrill prepaid card to withdraw up to €250 in cash in any 24-hour period.

      Visa withdrawals are limited to €4,900 during any 24 hour period. Payouts for greater amounts can be executed via bank transfer.

      You can use your Skrill prepaid card to pay for goods and services worth up to €1,000.

      Your Skrill account limits also apply. Bank wire transactions, for instance, will depend on your outgoing transaction limit, if any. You may be able to increase your account limits by logging into your account, selecting User Settings and following the suggestions in the Account Limits section.

      Skrill VIPs qualify for higher limits. Learn more about all the benefits of becoming a Skrill VIP.

    • What types of Skrill Account are available and which is best for me?

      We like to keep things simple, so there’s no huge and confusing range of options. We offer just two main types of account: personal and business.

      Skrill personal accounts are great for:

      • Paying and playing online while keeping your financial information private
      • Sending money to friends and relatives
      • Making quick and easy international payments

      Skrill business accounts are ideal for:

      • Accepting payments on your website
      • Getting paid directly via Skrill
      • Making payments to suppliers and employees
      • Making international commercial payments

      You can have one personal account and as many business accounts as you need.

      If you use your personal account regularly you can become a Skrill VIP and open multiple accounts in different currencies. Learn more about all the benefits of becoming a Skrill VIP.

    • Can I send money between my Skrill accounts?

      If you’re a Skrill VIP customer with more than one Skrill account you can send money between them. Simply log in and click on the Send Money button.

      Don’t forget that all transactions between accounts in different currencies incur foreign exchange fees. These vary in accordance with your Skrill VIP status and agreed fee structure.

  • Ambassador programme

    • What is a Skrill ambassador and how do I become one?

      You can share the benefits of being a Skrill VIP by recommending us to your network. For every new Skrill VIP you bring in you could earn up to €100,000 in revenue share from their transactions. With tens of millions of consumers worldwide already using Skrill, you’ll be promoting a service that makes payments simple, secure and quick. As well as receiving increased revenue share, you’ll get direct access to our VIP ambassador team – while the Skrill VIPs you refer will enjoy priority services, exclusive promotions and other extra benefits. Just click here if you would like to become a Skrill ambassador.