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For new merchants

Here you’ll find guidance and answers to the most frequently asked questions

Lady working on her PC, Skrill Business support

We only need the basic paperwork to verify your application. The Skrill business account requirements are simple and straightforward.

  • You need to be registered as a business entity or a sole proprietor and provide the relevant certificate of incorporation or similar document.
  • You have to provide a proof of address and an identification for each business owner.
  • Your website should be at least in beta version at the time of your application so that we can review the services/goods you offer. If you would like to apply for more than one website, please inform your Sales Manager of their URLs.

You can open a business account with Skrill at no cost. There is no startup fee.

There are three types of Skrill accounts that you can select from:

  • Full Merchant Account - Allows you to use our gateway capabilities to receive payments. It also allows you to send payments to partners and customers as well. You will be able to use our full API based services.
  • Expense Account (send payments only) - this account will allow you to send money to an email address.
  • Wallet to Wallet - this account allows you to collect and send payments from and to partners using your email address.

If you are an eCommerce business, you need to open a Full Merchant Account to receive payments via your online store.

We will get back to you soon after we receive your documents to confirm your registration or ask for additional paperwork.

You can select from 40+ different currencies. You can set up the primary and additional currencies that you want to use at the time of your registration. If you want to add more later, you can quickly add them. Integration guide is available here.

Please feel free to apply for a merchant account so that we can prepare an offer matching your business needs and is the best fit for your business model.

If you use a shopping cart partner of ours, you can benefit from the reduced fess that you can check here.

With Skrill, you have access to a large portfolio of local payment methods and over 40 currencies. You can have them activated upon creation of your account or add options after you start processing with us. More information is available here.

list of payment methods, supported by Skrill

Yes. You can have all the options available for your business with a single integration.

You can test our API before having your account ready. Please check our integration guides for test accounts (sandbox) and additional instructions.

Opening a business account with Skrill is available for almost any business. We do have some restrictions, which you can review in our Terms of Use, p. 11. We are not able to provide services to merchants who want to work with tobacco, drugs, unlicensed gambling, and the like.

We carefully assess the business model of each applicant and can offer our services depending on the eligibility of the exact business activities.

You can open a Skrill merchant account only if you have a registration as a business entity or as a sole proprietor. Business accounts are not available to private persons.

Legitimate businesses can typically obtain a Skrill merchant account with ease.

In the rare case of rejection, the common reasons why we cannot provide a Skrill business account include:

  • Non-existent or fake details of the applicant
  • Non-operational website
  • Unsupported business model

You can make a settlement from your Skrill account to your corporate bank account at any time. There are no limits of the period or the frequency of the settlements.

If you prefer the withdrawal of funds to be automated, please contact you Sales Manager.

The personal account cannot be converted into a business one. You can apply for a new business account here instead. Please use an email address and a mobile number that are not already used in other Skrill accounts. You can contact your Sales Manager to assist you in case you already use them.