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Cryptocurrencies are unregulated in the UK. Capital Gains Tax or other taxes may apply. The value of investments is variable and can go down as well as up.

Bitcoin logo on chips floating on the Skrill brand purple and teal arrows
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About Kyber Network

Kyber is a blockchain-based liquidity protocol that aggregates liquidity from a wide range of reserves, powering instant and secure token exchange in any decentralized application.

Kyber Network Crystal (KNC) is an ERC-20 utility token and an integral part of Kyber Network. KNC allows token holders to play a critical role in determining the incentive system, building a wide base of stakeholders, and facilitating economic flow in the network. A small fee is charged each time a token exchange happens on the network, and KNC holders get to vote on this fee model and distribution, as well as other important decisions.

Over time, as more trades are executed, additional fees will be generated for staking rewards and reserve rebates, while more KNC will be burned.

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