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See how much you get sending £1000 to Bangladesh

Provider Receive Amount (BDT) Send Amount + Fee Effective FX rate
Send money with Exchange rate109,238.29 Transfer fee1,000.00 109.24
Send money with Exchange rate108,989.91 Transfer fee1,000.00 108.99
Send money with Exchange rate109,253.61 Transfer fee1,003.99 108.82
Send money with Exchange rate108,565.13 Transfer fee1,001.99 108.35
The comparison fees displayed on our page have been published on 20/01/2020 12:550 CET and have not been refreshed since this date.
The data for the price comparisons shown have been taken from other providers’ websites, on specific dates. This information is freely available on the competitor’s websites we have listed. This is not an exhaustive list of companies offering a money transfer service and if you are interested in a particular supplier we suggest you check their respective website.
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