How do I use the gambling block feature?

Our gambling block feature is an optional tool that you can apply to your account at your discretion. If you prefer to first talk to someone about this, use one of the contact channels at the bottom of the page and our Customer Support will walk you through the process.

The gambling block allows you to limit the way you spend your funds with Skrill. Once you activate it, any transactions made through your Skrill wallet to gambling merchants will be blocked.

How to activate the gambling block?

To turn the feature on, simply log into your account and go to section Settings > Verification & features > Spending control. This is available both on web and via our mobile app.

The same steps apply if you wish to deactivate the block.

You can also contact our Customer Support to activate it for you.

Which transactions will be blocked?

Once you activate the gambling block, we’ll decline any transactions categorized under a gambling merchant category code (MCC) before they go through. This includes the following:

  • payments at gambling websites using your account balance;
  • payments made with the Skrill Prepaid Mastercard®;
  • Skrill 1-tap payments.

Which transactions are excluded from the gambling block?

If you activate this feature, you’ll still be able to deposit via credit/debit card with gambling purpose of use.

We also won’t block payouts from gambling merchants to your Skrill account, as well as any recurring payments or subscriptions you’ve previously set up.

Is there a cool-down period?

Yes, we’ve put in place a cool-down period of 48 hours. This means that if you’ve activated the gambling block and turn it off, it will be effectively lifted only once 48 hours have passed.

We’re giving you this time so you can think through whether going back to gambling is the right action for you. If you change your mind, you can reactivate the block at any time.

You’ll see the remaining cool-down time in your account – once it’s passed, you’ll be able to pay to selected gambling merchants.

Where can I seek additional support for problem gambling?

Our support is limited to the services we provide as a financial provider. While the gambling block may help you along the way, our advice is to seek professional help via Gamblers Anonymous or other local support centers.

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