Why were my documents rejected?

To verify your Skrill account and increase your limits, we ask you to provide certain verification documents. However, your documents may get rejected if they don't meet our requirements. It all comes down to whether the document can conclusively prove the information we require or not.

Some of the possible reasons your documents might have been rejected include, but are not limited to:

  • Your identity verification document has expired.
  • You did not upload both sides of your ID document.
  • Your document(s) was blurry or illegible. To correct this, please make sure that your scan or photo of the document is high-resolution and clear.
  • Your address verification document did not have a date of issue on it.
  • Your address verification document did not show the same name that is registered on your Skrill account.

Other possible reasons include:

  • Your address verification document appeared to be a mobile phone bill which can't be accepted as a form of address verification document.
  • We couldn't open the type of file you sent, or the file format was unacceptable. To correct this, please re-save your document image in a supported file type: .jpg, .jpeg, .bmp, .gif, .png, .pdf.
  • Your documents were fine, but you sent them from an e-mail address different from the one registered in your Skrill account.

If you sent a document from your bank (i.e. bank/card statement), it might have been rejected because:

  • Important information was missing from your bank statement. It should show your names, the full account number and/or IBAN, the bank code or routing number (SWIFT/BIC) and your bank's logo/insignia.
  • The details on your document (i.e. names, bank/card details) don't match the ones registered in your account.
  • Your card statement exposed your full card number. You should mask the sensitive information from the middle digits so that only your BIN (first six to eight digits) and the last two to four digits are visible.
  • You sent an image of your card instead of a document for your card.

Note: We'll do our best to quickly review and accept your documents, regardless of the language they're in.

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