Why was my withdrawal returned?

Very rarely a withdrawal may be returned from your bank back to your Skrill account.

What was the reason for the returned withdrawal?

The reason is usually provided by the bank which has rejected the payment. Most common reasons include but are not limited to:

  • mismatch in names (incorrect or incomplete beneficiary name, third-party withdrawal, or withdrawal to a business account)
  • incorrect bank account details (invalid SWIFT, bank code or bank account number)
  • the beneficiary (your) bank cannot credit the withdrawal due to their internal bank policy

Depending on the reason for the returned withdrawal, you should double-check your correct and complete banking details and register your bank account once again.

How long does it take to credit a returned withdrawal?

There is no timeframe for processing returned withdrawals as the time depends on all involved parties, including the processing banks.

How much does it cost?

We do not charge any additional fees for processing a returned withdrawal, however, the amount returned to you may be less than the amount requested, due to currency conversion and/or processing fees applied by the banks involved (your bank and/ or intermediary banks).

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