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Fun without limits.

Get the digital wallet built for online fun. With Skill, you can move money, including your virtual winnings, instantly, securely and without limits.

  • Fast access to funds
  • No declined transactions
  • Safe and secure payments

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Play more without paying more.

It’s all fun and games when you open a free account with Skrill. Use it at your favourite social casinos to go all in without spending anything.


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Show off your skills with Skrill

Fast moves are part of the fun. Skrill’s lightning-fast funding helps you keep up. Challenge friends at your favorite fantasy sports sites today to see who knows the game best.

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Why Skrill is your best bet

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  • Stay secure

    Skrill doesn't share your financial information with betting sites and every transaction is encrypted.

  • Be rewarded

    From exclusive casino offers to loyalty rewards, you’ll receive lots of exciting extras with Skrill.

How it works

  • 1.

    Choose Skrill when you go to pay

  • 2.

    Log into your favorite game and chose Skrill when you go to pay

  • 3.

    Enter your Skrill login

  • 4.

    Pay with your bank balance, Skrill balance, or an alternative method

  • 5.

    Check the amount and pay instantly

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