What is the Skrill Prepaid Mastercard®?

The Skrill Card is a reloadable, prepaid card that you can use at over 35 million locations worldwide. It is directly linked to your Skrill Digital Wallet, so you have instant access to your funds anytime, anywhere. Available for residents of authorized European Economic Area (EEA) countries only. If you don`t have a Skrill wallet yet, signing up is easy, simply visit our registration page.

How can I top up my Skrill card?

Simply sign in to your Skrill wallet, visit the Deposit section and choose a convenient payment method. The Skrill cards are directly linked to your wallet`s primary currency. Once you have available balance, you can instantly spend it using your physical or virtual Skrill card.

Where can I use the Skrill card?

You can shop online, in-store or use it to withdraw cash instantly at any ATM where Mastercard® is supported. You can also add your physical or virtual Skrill card to Google Pay™,  Apple Pay®. * Your Skrill card cannot be used for online or offline gambling activities, such as physical casinos, betting shops etc.
What is the Skrill virtual card?

The Skrill virtual card allows you to use the funds in your Skrill account for online purchases wherever Mastercard® is accepted. As it is a virtual card, it cannot be used at ATM however, adding it to Google Pay™ or Apple Pay® enables you to use it physically in-store anywhere, where contactless transactions are supported.

Can I use my Skrill Virtual card to book a hotel room, book a flight or rent a car?

We do not recommend that you use your Skrill virtual card to book a hotel, a flight or rent a car as these merchants generally need a plastic card to verify. Since the Skrill virtual card number is not the same number as that of a plastic card, they might not be able to confirm your booking.

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