Why did my Skrill Money Transfer fail?

Your Skrill Money Transfer may fail during various stages of its processing. The attempt to pay for your Skrill Money Transfer may fail – for example, your card issuer might decline your card deposit.

View our list of common failure reasons based on your payment method.

You can identify your failure reason based on the displayed onscreen error message in your Skrill account.

If you are paying with a card:

  • Your card issuer might have declined the deposit. Contact your bank to authorize the payment or retry with a different bank card.
  • If your card is enrolled in 3DS, enter your additional security code provided by your card issuer.
  • Ensure your card details are valid.
  • Ensure you have sufficient balance.

If you are paying with a Manual Bank Transfer:

When you are paying with Manual Bank Transfer, the payment will expire, if we do not receive your transfer within 5 days. This may happen because:

  • Your payment was not sent on time.
  • You did not insert the unique transaction reference in the reference field of the transfer
  • The payment was sent from a third-party bank account. Use a personal bank account registered under your name.

If you are paying with Paysafecash:

  • Ensure that your generated voucher is paid within 12 hours.
  • Ensure you have sufficient Paysafecash account limits.
  • Ensure you are not trying to use more than one Paysafecash account with Skrill.

I paid for my transfer successfully, but it was not completed. What should I do?

Your remittance may also fail after we have received your funding - for example, due to invalid beneficiary details. View our list of common failure reasons below.

For transfers to a bank account:

  • Your recipient bank details might be invalid. Review the recipient details including but not limited to IBAN; SWIFT;(BIC) and any other details requested during the transfer.
  • Incorrect beneficiary names. The names in the remittance instructions must be the same as in the beneficiary`s bank account.
  • You are attempting to transfer funds towards a corporate bank account. Transfers to charities and businesses are not allowed.
  • There might be a temporary service disruption. Try again later.

For transfers to a mobile wallet:

  • The mobile phone number might be invalid/entered in an invalid format. Ensure there is no ‘’0’’ after the receiver`s country code.
  • There might be a temporary service disruption. Try again later.
  • The mobile wallet might have transaction limits. The recipient should check this with their wallet provider. You may try sending a smaller amount.
  • The mobile wallet functionality is not enabled for this recipient's mobile number. The recipient should contact their mobile service operator to enable it.

For transfers to Mastercard:

  • Recipient details might be invalid. Retry after reviewing the beneficiary details.
  • The recipient card might not be eligible to receive funds. The receiver should ensure their card supports transfers by contacting their card issuer.
  • There might be a temporary service disruption. Try again later.

Transfers pending for verification:

Regardless of the payment method used for your Skrill Money Transfer, we may request identity, and or address verification from you. If verification is requested during your transfer, you will need to first complete it to have your transaction processed. Your transfer will remain pending for 4 calendar days before we cancel it.

If your Skrill Money Transfer is not successful, we will refund any debited funds back to the payment instrument used for the transfer. Check the dedicated article for each specific payment method to learn more about our refund process.

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