Skrill USA, Inc. Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy was last amended on 12.30.2019.

In the course of your interaction with Skrill USA, Inc. (“Skrill USA”), whether you are a customer or a visitor to one of our websites, Skrill USA will collect personal information about you. 

This Privacy Policy applies to you if you are a resident of, or engage with Skrill USA in, the United States and will tell you how Skrill USA will collect and use your personal information.

We have provided a summary of Skrill USA’s Privacy Policy in a Notice, which outlines the basic terms of this Policy, and answers most frequently asked questions in a brief and easily accessible format. This Policy provides more detail.

You are not, of course, required to provide us with any personal information, but your failure or refusal to do so may require us to decline to do business with you. For example, if we require to verify your identity and you do not supply us with the relevant information, we may be unable to open an account for you. 

As of the date of this Policy, Skrill USA is under contract to be purchased by the Paysafe group of companies (“Paysafe”). Paysafe companies include payments institutions and e-money institutions licensed to provide financial services in the European Union. Paysafe provides data processing and other services to Skrill USA and to our customers. 

You have the right to “opt out” of certain uses of your personal information; information about how to exercise that right is described on the Your Rights section of this Policy.

This Privacy Policy outlines:

When we collect personal information

What personal information we may collect from you

How we collect that information

How we use it

How we share it

How we store it

Your rights in that information, including your right to “opt out” of certain uses of it.

When We Collect Personal Information

We may collect personal information from you or about you at various times. For example: 

1. When you visit or use our website, mobile phone application or other facilities we make available electronically, whether or not you undertake a transaction with us.

2. When you apply for and use any of our services, including any membership, loyalty or rewards programs.

3. When you perform a transaction or otherwise interact with us on your computer, mobile phone or other equipment.

4. When you apply for or use a new product or service or change your use of a product or service.

5. When we communicate with each other, by email, SMS, webchat, telephone or other means.

In addition to the personal information we collect from you (whether you provide it directly or we obtain it automatically), we may also collect personal information from third parties from time to time, including when you apply to use one of our services.

What information we collect

The personal information that we collect from you depends on what Skrill Services you apply for and use, how and when you use them, where you are located, and other factors. 

Typically, Skrill USA collects

(a) your name, address and other contact details;

(b) your date of birth, age and occupation;

(c) information about your banking relationships, including account numbers, debit and credit card numbers, account balances and the length of time you have maintained those accounts;

(d) a copy of your identification, such as your driver’s license or passport; and

(e) your social security number and/or other government identification or registration data.

We ask you to keep your personal information current; your failure to do so may affect our ability to do business with you.

How We Collect Information

We collect personal information from you in four ways:

1. Directly from you, when you provide it to us - We will ask you to provide certain personal information to us when you apply for a product or service, request changes in your service, or contact us about your account or transactions (whether on-line, by email, SMS or electronic chat, telephone conversation or any other means). This includes all information that you supply when you open an account, including your full name, address, phone number, email address, date of birth, identification documents and credit card and banking information. 

2. Automatically, from your devices and your interaction with our computer programs and systems - When you visit our website and have other interactions with us, whether or not you open an account or undertake a transaction with us, we will collect information automatically, including your geolocation, IP address, browser type and version, time zone, operating system, equipment type, frequency and length of visits, “clickstream” data (that is, information about which websites you visit before and after Skrill USA), and other details about your electronic interaction with us, including the time you spend on our site, what links you click on, and the methods you use to navigate to and away from our webpages.

Much of this information is collected through our use of “cookies;” you may view our Cookie Policy here. Your browser may allow you to “opt out” or otherwise prevent us from collecting some of that information, but that might slow down or prevent your ability to do business with us. 

Similar information may also be collected when we communicate with each other by telephone, email, SMS or other means. In addition, we may collect information automatically when you click on a Skrill USA advertisement or link while visiting another website or viewing your email or text messages. We may also collect caller identification information when you call one of our customer service numbers.

3. From third parties - The information that we obtain about you from third parties, including the banks and other financial institutions with whom you do business, credit reporting agencies, government lists and databases, social media sites (including posting made by or about you or us), and other sources, depends on various factors, including the Skrill Services you apply for and use, the way you use them, and our own efforts to make our services most useful to you and to prevent fraud, money-laundering and other crimes and abuses.

4. From your use of our services, including your participation in rewards, loyalty or membership programs - We obtain information about you through your use of our services and your participation in our marketing, loyalty or other customer recruitment and retention programs. This includes, information about how frequently you transact with us, your average transaction volume, account balances, and the people and merchants to whom you send money and from whom you receive money. 

How We Use Your Information

We use your information primarily to provide the services to you that you request. For example, we use the bank account or credit card information that you provide to enable us to add money to, and withdraw money from, your Skrill USA wallet. We also use your information to help you transact with merchants and other individuals to whom you wish to send money, or from whom you receive money.

As required by law, we use your information to help identify and detect money-laundering, fraud and other crimes and abuses of the financial system, and, under certain circumstances, to report suspicious activity to law enforcement and other government agencies, to prosecute, or assist in the prosecution of, crime, and to enforce our rights against you, including our right to collect money that you owe us. We also use your information to help us manage risks, such as credit and foreign exchange risks, or risks of intrusion, hacking or other abuses of our computer systems.

We may also use your personal information to contact you about your account and to provide you with periodic information about it and about the Skrill Services and your use of them, to alert you to potential problems, and to respond to your questions to us. This information also helps us create marketing and other programs that might be interesting to you, and to contact you about them. 

From time to time, we may use your information to invite you to participate in surveys, evaluations and other means of telling us about your experience with Skrill USA. 

We will use your information to help us improve our business and our service. For example, information about the time you spend completing forms on our websites may help us improve them. Information about how you use our services may help us to design and promote new products and services or may assist us in developing our marketing and advertising programs.

How We Share Your Information

We share your information among our affiliates (that is, companies that share Skrill USA’s ownership), and with members of the Paysafe group, to help us record and process your transactions. 

We may also share your information with credit reporting agencies, banks, card processors, identity verification services and other organizations, only for the purposes described in this Policy.

We share your information with data processors and other technology providers who help us run our business, but in those cases we share only the information that is required for those third parties to perform their services for us, and we require those third parties to store your information securely and to use it only to perform services for Skrill USA. 

We may also provide your information to government agencies, regulators, courts, industry groups and other third parties to help prevent fraud, money laundering and other crimes, to protect ourselves or our customers, to promote public safety, and otherwise to comply with law, whether or not such disclosure is required by court order or otherwise mandatory.

Skrill USA’s primary service gives our customers the ability to send money to, and receive money from, other customers and merchants who participate in the Skrill USA system. Accordingly, some limited portion of your personal information will necessarily be communicated to your counterparty, to allow the other customer or merchant to know from whom they are receiving money, or to confirm your receipt of it. Depending on how your Skrill USA account, or the Skrill USA account of your counterparty, is established, some of that information will also be shared with the bank, card issuing organization or other financial institution associated with either account, including financial institutions acting on their behalf to process your transactions.

From time to time, we may develop typologies that rely on how you and other customers use our service. Those typologies do not, however, contain information that is personally identifiable to you. We may share those typologies with social media companies and advertisers to help us market our services.

Skrill USA does not currently participate in any “joint marketing” programs (that is, promotions operated by both Skrill USA and a third party to market goods and services that may be of interest to our customers, our partner’s customers, or the general public). If we do ever participate in any joint marketing programs, Skrill USA will retain all information about our customers and manage the program’s contact with you. 

We will not sell, lease or otherwise provide your information to third parties (that is, entities that are not affiliates of Skrill USA or Paysafe) to market their products or services to you.

How We Store Your Information

Skrill USA maintains physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to protect your information against theft, misuse, damage and unauthorized access or disclosure. These safeguards include firewalls and other technologies to limit access to data, controls to identify, verify and track access to various systems, monitoring and auditing of our systems and practices (both by our own personnel and by external experts) and other data security processes. 

As we noted above, Skrill USA works with Paysafe, a European company, to help us conduct our business. Accordingly, we may collect, transfer and store your information both inside and outside the United States. If your information passes outside the United States, Skrill USA will take care to ensure that your information is at all times protected with the same level of security that it receives here. 

Once we receive your information, we store it securely and in compliance with law. However, no information that passes over the internet or is stored electronically is entirely secure. Although we do our best to safeguard your information, we cannot guarantee its security against hacks and unauthorized access. If such an event should occur, however, we will contact you promptly and keep you informed about the incident.

When you open an account with Skrill USA, you establish a password and other security protocols to limit access to your account and to help us confirm your identity when you visit us again. You are responsible for the security of your password and other identification criteria. If you lose or forget your log-on information, or if you believe someone else may have access to it or have used it, you should contact us immediately to enable us to help you protect your account. At the end of this Policy, you will find information about the ways you can contact us.

In general, Skrill USA will retain your information for as long as it is necessary to fulfil our legal and regulatory obligations or as otherwise allowed by law. We will delete your personal information five years after you close your account or stop doing business with us. However, because Skrill USA and the Skrill Services are regulated by both state and federal laws and agencies, Skrill USA may have an obligation to retain and report your personal information, even after you have closed your account or ceased doing business with us, and we may in certain circumstances be required to maintain your personal information for longer than five years.

Your Rights

Skrill USA will not process or disclose your personal information in violation of applicable state or federal law. You have certain rights to view, correct, update or delete your personal information. Your rights depend in part on the state where you live. If you believe that the personal information that Skrill USA has about you is incorrect or incomplete, please contact us to correct it. We may require proof of your identity in order to change our records about you.

Skrill USA may occasionally contact you about Skrill USA products and services that may be of interest to you, either through email, SMS, postal mail or other means. You have a right to “opt out” (elect not to receive) such communications. To do so, please contact us through one of the means identified at the end of this Policy.

If you are resident in the European Economic Area or European Union, please click here for information on European Privacy rights.

If you are a California resident, please click here for information on California Privacy rights.

Do Not Track

Some web browsers may send out ‘do not track’ signals. But there is no industry standard currently in place as to what websites and other online services should do on receipt of such signals. Should such a standard be developed, Skrill USA will re-visit its policy, but currently takes no action on receipt of such signals.

Effective Date and Changes

The date of this Policy appears on the first page. This Policy is effective immediately when it is posted on our website and remains in effect until we change it and post those changes on our website. We may change it at any time. If we make material changes in this Privacy Policy, we will notify you through a notice on our website. Some changes may not affect the summary of our Privacy Policy appearing in our Notice, and so our Notice may not be updated as frequently as this Policy. 

How to Contact Us

You may contact us at any time for further information about our Privacy Policy or to “opt out” of receiving marketing communications from us at During business hours on the east coast of the United States, you may call us toll free on 1-855-719-2087.