Do more. Pay less.

  • We’re committed to keeping fees low.
  • Using your Skrill wallet to pay online at a retailer that accepts Skrill is free 
  • Receiving money into your Skrill account is free 
  • Uploading funds into your Skrill account is usually free – some options involve a small charge, which will be clearly stated 
  • Sending money to an email address or another Skrill wallet costs 1% of the amount sent, with the charge capped at €10
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  • Upload funds Please note that if you use your credit card for gambling purposes your issuer may charge a ‘cash advance fee’. This fee is outside Skrill’s control, and we receive no part of it.

    Local payment methods 1

    • Bank transfer
    • Maestro
    Price: Free of charge GBP 0.00
    • Skrill direct
    Price: 0.50 %
    • Sofortüberweisung
    Price: 1.50 %

    Global payment methods

    • Swift
    Price: Free of charge GBP 0.00
    • Credit Card Amex
    • Credit Card Diners
    • Credit Card JCB
    • Credit Card MASTERCARD
    • Visa
    Price: 1.90 %
    • paysafecard
    Price: 5.50 %
  • Withdraw funds

    Local payment methods

    • Bank transfer
    • Visa
    EUR 2.95(EUR 2.95)

    Global payment methods

    • Swift
    Price: EUR 2.95(EUR 2.95)
  • Skrill Prepaid MasterCard® fees

    • Paying in shops, restaurants or online FREE OF CHARGE
    • Bank transfer top-up FREE OF CHARGE
    • Receiving cash FREE OF CHARGE
    • Online statement FREE OF CHARGE
    • Pin re-issue FREE OF CHARGE
    • Cash withdrawal*
      *Local ATM surcharges may apply. HKD 17.24 (EUR 1.80)
    • Annual card fee HKD 95.79 (EUR 10.00)

  • Send money, Receive money

    Send money

    Price: 1.0%
    (Max. GBP 7.89 )

    Receive money


    Receiving money is always free of charge

  • Currency conversion

    For transactions involving currency conversion Skrill adds a fee of between 2.99% and 4.99%** to the wholesale exchange rate we offer.

    • Wholesale exchange rates

      AED United Arab Emirates dirham 3.8904
      AMD Armenian Dram 511.1
      AUD Australian Dollar 1.4727
      BGN Bulgarian Lev 1.95583
      BHD Bahraini Dinar 0.3994
      BOB Boliviano 7.3085
      BRL Brazilian Real 4.0742
      CAD Canadian Dollar 1.4165
      CHF Swiss franc 1.0904
      CNY Chinese Yuan Renminbi 6.7735
      CZK Czech koruna 27.027
      DKK Danish krone 7.4609
      DZD Algerian Dinar 114.7115
      EEK Estonian kroon 15.6466
      EUR Euro 1
      GBP Pound sterling 0.7047
      GHS Ghanaian cedi 4.0583
      GTQ Guatemalan quetzal 8.6438
      HKD Hong Kong dollar 8.2107
      HNL Honduran lempira 22.9464
      HRK Croatian kuna 7.6225
      HUF Hungarian forint 311.85
      IDR Indonesian rupiah 14510
      ILS New Israeli Sheqel 4.1159
      INR Indian rupee 70.869
      ISK Icelandic króna 140.6
      JOD Jordanian dinar 0.7518
      JPY Japanese yen 130.16
      KRW South Corean won 1225.32
      KWD Kuwaiti dinar 0.3228
      LTL Lithuanian litas 3.4528
      LVL Latvian lats 0.702804
      MAD Moroccan dirham 10.661
      MXN Mexican peso 17.6119
      MYR Malaysian ringgit 4.5122
      NOK Norvegian krone 9.2205
      NPR Nepalese rupee 113.1439
      NZD New Zealand dollar 1.6214
      OMR Omani rial 0.4078
      PHP Philippine peso 49.987
      PLN Polish złoty 4.2713
      PYG Paraguayan guaraní 5996.7
      QAR Qatari riyal 3.8576
      ROL Romanian leu 35350.827232
      RON Romanian new leu 4.451
      RSD Serbian dinar 121.25
      RUB Russian ruble 70.3316
      SAR Saudi riyal 3.976
      SEK Swedish krona 9.2531
      SGD Singapore dollar 1.4982
      SIT Slovenian tolar 239.64
      SKK Slovak koruna 30.125
      THB Baht 38.009
      TND Tunisian dinar 2.1891
      TRY Turkish lira 3.0995
      TWD New Taiwan dollar 34.6454
      UGX Ugandan shilling 3553.955
      USD US dollar 1.0592
      XCD East Caribbean dollar 2.828064
      ZAR South African rand 15.2647

    Your Skrill Account is free for personal use as long as you login or make a transaction at least every 12 months.

    If you don't do this, a service fee of EUR 1.00 (or equivalent) will be deducted monthly from the funds in your account.

**We charge an additional 2.99% for transfers between USD, GBP, EUR, CAD or PLN currencies. 3.99% for transfers between USD, GBP, EUR, CAD, PLN and any other currency. 4.99% for transfers involving any other currency – this fee will change to 3.99% from 25th January 2016.

(1)     Fee change:  From 25th January 2016 primary bank withdrawals will be charged at €3.95 and secondary bank withdrawals will be charge at €5.50.