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25 Aug 2022

Behind the scenes of three big transfers

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Many things go on behind the scenes of a transfer, particularly a high-profile one. Sometimes it takes something special to sign a player wanted by all the top clubs. Here are the secrets behind some the biggest transfers this summer.

Raheem Sterling to Chelsea

The timing here was really important because Chelsea reached an agreement with Sterling just before the Champions League final. It was a call from Thomas Tuchel that convinced Sterling just in time so that a transfer could happen.

Robert Lewandowski to Barcelona

At the end of February, Lewandowski told Bayern Munich that he wanted to leave. Many clubs wanted him, including Chelsea and PSG, but it was due to his agent that he went to the Spanish club instead.

Lewandowski’s agent had a good relationship with Barcelona – and this had a big influence on Lewandowski's move to the club.

Darwin Núñez to Liverpool

This was not an easy deal.

Manchester United, as well as other top clubs, were after the star player. However, the director of Liverpool decided to personally fly to Portugal to close the deal – an important step in finalising the agreement.

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