12 Mar 2020

Skrill offers free money transfers in Italy

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Skrill is immediately dropping all fees and foreign exchange charges for anyone using Skrill Money Transfer to send money directly to a bank account in Italy.There will also be no charges for recipients in Italy.

The decision was announced today by Skrill CEO, Lorenzo Pellegrino, an Italian national, in a bid to support people across the country during the current COVID-19 outbreak.

Skrill Money Transfer allows customers to send money from anywhere in the world directly to a bank account in over 40 countries, including Italy.

The recipient doesn’t need to have a Skrill account to receive the funds.

Lorenzo said: “I am utterly heartbroken to see this situation unfold in my home country. By removing all fees and foreign exchange mark ups, people who are sending money to loved ones in Italy from outside of the country will see more of their funds going to the right place.”


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