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14 Dec 2020

Top tips for micro stakes in poker

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In poker, the term "micro stakes" refers to poker games that cost very little to buy into. For example, a $0.01/$0.02 No Limit Hold'em cash game. Generally speaking, any cash game with a buy-in of up to $25 is regarded as "micro stakes".

Many players choose to play these games just for fun. But remember this: the buy-ins might be small, but almost all of the best players in the world started out in the micro stakes leagues. It’s a great way to learn and master your skills. 

Here’s our rundown of top tips for succeeding in micro stakes games.

Top tips poker micro stakes

Don’t be afraid to start small

For new players, the great quality of play in even $25 games can come as a surprise. This is why it’s best to start small online, even if you’ve played poker with friends for years. 

Starting with $.01/.02 blinds is a good place to start. If the quality of play is too easy for you, you can always move up.

Although playing for small amounts of money might sound dull, it’ll help you focus as the outcome of your decisions won’t matter to your finances. 

The aim: to train yourself to stop emotions impacting your decisions in the long run.

Make sure you have enough of a bankroll

It might come as a surprise that one of the biggest reasons players struggle at the micro stakes levels is that they don’t manage their bankroll properly.

Many of the pros advise having a large enough bankroll for 20-30 buy-ins for any game that you are playing. 

Meaning that if you are playing NL10 online, which has $.05/.10 blinds, then the max buy-in will be $10. Multiply this by 30 and the pros advise you should have a $300 bankroll for playing this game.

Having a well-funded bankroll matters because downswings at the micros happen even to the best players. Many players are caught out by how quickly their bankroll runs out, so you need enough funds to help you recover without feeling under pressure.

An extra tip is making sure you have an easy way to manage your money. A Skrill wallet offers a quick and easy way to move money between poker sites, and cash out when the time is right.

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Decide on the type of game that’s right for you

When you’re starting out, focus on only one type of game, whether that’s cash games or tournaments.

Different games demand different skills and strengths. When you try to play all game types, you risk never mastering any of them. If you look at poker pros, most are specialists at a single game type. 

Using micro stakes is a great way to find out which game is right for you, then master it.

Poker micro stakes

Hone your skills

In micro stakes games, you will find a lot of beginner-level players who don’t have a solid understanding of the game, and don’t know why they make certain plays.

Many will make plays based on instinct, rather than on mathematics or logic.

This is a good time to practice your own gameplay, using proper poker strategy to win.

Improve your game every day

One of the best things about micro stakes poker is how quickly you can see your progress. 

Study top poker strategies to boost your learning curve then see the results in micro stakes.

You should also spend time reviewing your hands and taking note of your errors.

Enjoy small thrills often

Relax, have fun and enjoy a game that lets you play regularly without a huge bankroll. 

Use it as a fun way to get better. And remember that no matter what level of online poker you play, the Skrill wallet can make cashing in and out a breeze.

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