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08 Jul 2019

How to get the perfect set-up for online poker gaming

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Creating the perfect set-up for online poker is more important than you might think. 

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A good handle on statistics, a vast array of playing styles and a healthy appetite for risk are the raw materials needed to create a good poker player. But a few other – often overlooked – factors can also help on your journey to greatness.

If you’ve only just made the transition from live to online poker, don’t underestimate the importance of your online poker set-up.

Your set-up is just another important part of preparing for the fast-paced online game.

office chair

The chair

When considering the perfect set-up for online poker, the first place to start is the chair. When deciding on your future throne, there are some key decisions to make.

Do you enjoy the sturdiness of a rigid chair, or the convenience of one that fully rotates? Spinny chairs are great until you forget that your headphones aren’t wireless and become tangled mid-victory celebration.

Whatever your choice, if you’re prone to slouching, ensure your chair gives your posture enough support.

Money management

Now you’re sitting comfortably, your finances need to be in order and easily accessible.

Skrill account makes it easy to manage your finances by allowing fast withdrawals and deposits. Skrill also lets you transfer money to other players knowing your personal information is kept private and secure.

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The desk

Now turn your attention to your desk and its contents. Firstly, your desk needs to be big enough to house multiple monitors for when you’re playing on a few tables at once.

Next: sufficient storage is crucial. You need space for snacks, drinks, notebooks and poker guidebooks.

Gaming desks are often more suitable than traditional office desks because they have more space for computer ventilation. Being designed with gamers in mind, they tend to be more ergonomic too.

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Once the chair and desk are sorted, you need to think about your tools: the mouse, keyboard and speakers.

Free yourself from wire. There’s nothing worse than knocking a glass of water over your monitors because you didn’t notice your mouse cord wrapped around your glass.

When it comes to the keyboard, don’t go for the cheapest option. If a key breaks, you won’t be able to gloat nearly as effectively in the chatroom after a win.

Ace of spades

Online resources

Finally, let’s consider what online resources you need to have on hand.

When waiting in the lobbies of your chosen online poker sites, it’s worth brushing up on your poker strategy. YouTube tutorials can help freshen up your technique and get your head in the game.

However, when mid-play, forget the tutorial; you need all your attention to be on the game.

Music can help you focus by drowning out other distractions, but choosing the right playlist is critical.

New music can draw away precious attention, so stick to what you know. And go light on songs with too many lyrics for the same reason.

If for whatever reason you have a setback, having a list of motivational talks on hand can be helpful. Taking inspiration from some of the world’s best online poker players can also help you to put your losses in context.

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