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04 May 2020

Staying social with online poker (even during self-isolation)

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You can’t dampen the poker community’s spirit. If you play, you’ll know the fun atmosphere of many poker rooms, even in these challenging times.

Playing is great, but using chat rooms can also spark new friendships.

There are also a host of other places you can improve your game and stay social with others.

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Poker discussion sites

Search for poker discussion sites or forums online and you’ll find some good options filled with poker enthusiasts like you.

Many have discussion threads for both live and online poker, so click over to the online section and use the tips to help you improve your game.

Poker strategy sites

A little more formal and focused than regular poker discussion groups and other poker forums, there’s nonetheless a big community of players in the online poker strategy world.

If you’re an intermediate or pro player, the detailed advice from other pros on a strategy site might just be the thing for you.

Reddit threads

Reddit can be a mixed bag. However, there is still something to be said for /r/poker. It’s probably the first place to pick up on the latest poker news as it’s extremely active.

There are thousands of discussions — and the Reddit app is easy to browse through.

Poker news sites

There are plenty of online sites focused on poker news and discussion. Check out one of these if you’re looking to meet other players who’ve got their eye on what’s new in poker.


OK, so it’s not a forum, but if you’re looking for poker strategy tips, you can get into genuinely interesting discussions with other players in the comments.

Chat with family and friends

If you know another poker enthusiast – a family member or friend – why not jump on a Google Hangout or Zoom call? A face-to-face chat can really make you feel connected.

So, no matter what kind of poker player you are, there are great ways to get social, improve your game and join the discussion.

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