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Altcoins surge as Bitcoin’s growth slows

  • The price of Altcoins has risen sharply this week with Ethereum leading the way.
  • For the best part of this year, it’s Bitcoin that’s been stamping its dominance on the market – the price of BTC having seen several sharp rises in 2019. Meanwhile Altcoins have struggled to take off.
  • However, in the past few weeks Bitcoin has run out of steam, struggling to break the $9-12k mark.

It only takes $20,000 to join the top 1% of XRP holders

  • Data circulating in the crypto community suggests you don’t need a lot of capital to join the top 1% of XRP holders.
  • Crypto analyst, Credible Crypto, recently shared a chart that revealed the average amount of XRP held amongst the top 10% of XRP holders.
  • The data shows that to reach the top 1% of XRP holders you only need to put $20,500 into the asset. The top 1% of Ripple accounts hold 69,000 XRP on average.
  • To be in the top 0.1% of account holders, you would need to hold over 723,000 XRP.
  • To earn the highest spot (0.01% of account holders) you would need 16,500,000 XRP – that’s equivalent to $4.9 million at current prices.