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Skrill breaks down barriers to buying cryptocurrency

  • A report by Internationale Nederlanden Groep (ING) has said that although most people feel positively about the future of cryptocurrencies, only 8 – 12 percent of people own any crypto.
  • YouTuber Crypto Zombie has suggested barriers facing people new to crypto are partly to blame. He said: “(for beginners) getting your private key and ledger, as well as learning terminology and how to trade, is complicated.”
  • Crypto Zombie went on to cite Skrill as an easy way for beginners to buy cryptocurrencies. So you don't need to worry about cold storage and private keys, Skrill keeps your crypto safely in its custodianship.

Crypto and fiat come together despite differences

  • Fiat and crypto are two payment systems with opposing aims: fiat supports a centralised, government-backed system, while most cryptocurrencies run on decentralised blockchain technology with no government input.
  • Despite this, more and more brands are accepting payment in both fiat and crypto. For businesses, it makes sense to offer both and give customers the freedom to pay how they prefer.
  • This week, published an article on how payment providers like Skrill are helping fiat and crypto to run side-by-side.
  • The article commented on Skrill’s global presence, which has enabled people in 30 different countries to buy and sell crypto.

Skrill’s cryptocurrency offering lets users from over 30 countries buy digital currencies