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22 Nov 2023

10 common sports betting mistakes and how to avoid them

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Sports betting can be an exciting and potentially rewarding activity that involves predicting the outcome of sporting events and betting on them. However, novice bettors often make mistakes, sometimes serious ones, due to a lack of experience and understanding of the complexities involved.

Without sound bankroll management, proper research and disciplined decision making, novice bettors can fall into common pitfalls such as emotional betting, chasing losses and failing to effectively analyse odds. Read on to find out how to avoid these betting mistakes.

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10 common sports betting mistakes and how to avoid them

1. Not understanding the sport that you are betting on

One of the biggest mistakes when betting is to bet on a sport or event that you don’t know enough about. A lack of understanding can lead to bad decisions and ill-informed bets. Always bet on sports you are familiar with, as this will allow you to find value bets more easily.

2. Poor bankroll management

Failing to establish a proper bankroll management strategy is a common mistake. Sticking to pre-determined betting limits is crucial: choose a budget you can afford to lose, set clear betting limits and don’t place bigger bets on a whim. Using a Skrill wallet helps keep your betting balance separate from your regular bank balance, making it easier to control your online gambling expenses.

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3. Ignoring research and analysis

Successful sports betting hinges on comprehensive research and analysis, diving into metrics like player form, team head-to-head records, recent injuries, and game venue statistics. Overlooking these critical data points can lead to poorly informed bets and missed opportunities. Skrill’s Sports Corner offers statistics on football, basketball, American football and more to make doing your pre-game research easy.

4. Chasing losses

Trying to recoup losses by making bigger or riskier bets is a serious mistake. Emotional decision making based on recent losses often leads to further financial setbacks. To prevent this, it’s not only necessary to stick to your budget, but also to take a break and clear your head, returning to the game when you have more mental clarity.

5. Gambling under the influence

Gambling while under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or even tiredness affects your judgement and ability to make decisions. It’s crucial to gamble with a clear mind so you make rational decisions.

6. Betting with emotion

Allowing personal biases, emotions, hunches or loyalty to a particular team or player to influence betting decisions can lead to poor judgement. It’s key to separate emotions and only place sports bets with a rational and objective mindset.

7. Not looking for good odds

Failing to compare odds on different betting sites could mean missing out on better payouts. Searching for the best odds increases your chances of maximising returns. With the Skrill wallet, you can deposit and withdraw at hundreds of sportsbooks, so you can switch between them to find the best odds.

8. Overlooking value bets

Many bettors focus solely on the outcome they believe will occur without considering the value of the odds offered. Failure to identify value bets, where the odds are higher than the perceived probability, can result in missed opportunities for profitable bets. Or, even worse, betting on odds that pay less than they should.

9. Betting on too many games

Spreading your betting portfolio thin and betting on too many games simultaneously can be overwhelming. It’s better to concentrate on a few well-researched bets.

10. Viewing betting as a source of income

One of the biggest mistakes bettors can make is to view betting as a source of income or an investment. Sports betting is first and foremost a form of entertainment and should be viewed as such. Although it’s possible to make a profit in the short term, in the long term it’s very difficult to beat the house edge. Never bet with money you cannot afford to lose.

Avoiding common sports betting mistakes requires discipline, patience and a well-defined strategy. Remember to focus on value bets, maintain objectivity, and conduct independent research to make informed betting decisions.

The Skrill wallet is a great tool for sports bettors. Skrill makes it easy to manage your funds by keeping your betting balance separate from your bank balance and allowing you to switch between bookmakers until you find favourable odds. Skrill’s Sports Corner is also a great resource, providing valuable information to support your betting decisions.

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Remember, patience is essential in sports betting; you won’t find value betting opportunities every day. And whenever you bet, do so responsibly, viewing betting as a form of entertainment and not as a source of income.

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