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25 Sep 2019

What’s new in the latest Final Fantasy XIV expansion

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The final expansion to Final Fantasy XIV has stacks of new locations, characters, weapons and a completely new story arc.

One of the behemoths of gaming franchises, Final Fantasy has long been transporting players to bizarre and immersive worlds.

From the alternative pasts in FFIX to the futuristic cities and guns of FIIIX, the developer, Square Enix, has always pushed the boundaries of game design. This expansion is no exception.

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Here we have the latest and last expansion to FFXIV.

Final Fantasy XIV is one of the best MMORPGs and now it’s granted a new (and huge) expansion in Shadowbringers. The latest addition brings a brand new story featuring a much darker angle with political intrigue, massive wars and grand cosmic struggles.

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What’s new?

The story itself transports you into a dying world and is full of complex characters and an emotional narrative. It’s being praised as one of the best games in the series by video game reviewers, which is no small feat.

New features include:


  • Eulmore (City)
  • The Crystarium (City)
  • Rak'tika
  • Amh Araeng
  • Il Mheg
  • Kholusia
  • Lakeland

Beast tribes

  • Pixies
  • Nu Mou
  • Dwarves

Two new jobs

The first one, Gunbreaker, was revealed at the European Fan Fest in Paris. A few months later, Dancer was revealed as the second at Tokyo Fan Fest. These will bring a fresh new angle to gameplay.

  • Gunbreaker (Tank)
    The Gunbreaker is the master of the gunblade – a weapon wielded by Squall Leonhart in Final Fantasy VIII. The job goes alongside Warrior, Paladin and Dark Knight as the game’s fourth Tank class.
    Incredible explosive combos can be performed with all new special attacks.
  • Dancer (Ranged DPS)
    This is a ranged DPS, sitting with Bard and Machinist. It also boasts a support role - by dancing during battle you can empower your allies.
    Dancers provide a rewarding play for improvisation and an element of luck.


  • Nine new dungeons


  • Viera (Female only)
  • Hrothgar (Male only)

New features

  • NPC Trust System – players will now be able to fight alongside familiar NPCs.
  • New Game+ Feature – a feature that allows players to replay the Final Fantasy XIV main scenario stories.
  • World Visit System – players will be able to travel to other servers on the same data center

New level cap

  • Increased to 80

One of the best Final Fantasy games to date? You’ll have to make that decision for yourself.

A powerful story coupled with slick gameplay — and with the immersion of an MMORPG — makes Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers set to be one of the most critically acclaimed games of 2019.

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