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23 Oct 2018

Simple habits to help you think like a pro gamer

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With the incredible global growth of esports, more and more people are making a living from competitive gaming.

If you think you have what it takes to make money from doing something you love, then it’s time to start thinking like a pro gamer. These habits will help you do just that.

Stay motivated & don’t give up

The road to becoming a pro gamer isn’t always straightforward, and there will be plenty of lost tournaments. How you react to these losses will be the deciding factor in your success.

Taking time off after a loss can lead to you getting out of practice, so don't be put off. Instead, understand what you could do better and build your experience.

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Get used to team play

It’s easy to focus on your own gameplay when you’re an amateur. But, if you want to make it in a professional gaming team, team play is everything.

Professional gamers adapt their play style to suit that of their teammates. Ultimately, the team must work together to win.

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Practice, practice, practice

The most important habit of all is to be consistent with practice. If there’s a skill you always struggle with, then single that out and practice until perfect.

Remember: you’re up against people who spend hours on the game, so talent only gets you so far.

Be proactive

The esports world is a big community. Embrace it.

Successful pro gamers often join conversations on forums or social media.

Exposure to the community will open you up to a whole world of advice. There’s no better way to learn than directly from the pros themselves, and you’ll increase your chances of being welcomed into a team.

To be successful at many esports, you’ll need to be part of an international team like Qlash. If you’re not asked to join one, approach them yourself. Even if you’re not the best gamer, a good team will recognise your potential and work with you to improve.

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Be smart about money

To make money as a gamer you need to seize opportunities to make money and manage your earnings wisely. Here are a few areas to consider:

  • Sponsorships - research who is sponsoring people in your community and approach them with reasons why they should sponsor you
  • Digital wallets - Pro gamers use Skrill because it’s the best way to make fast and secure in-game payments
  • Ad revenues - If you’re streaming or posting videos of your games, ensure you’re set up to receive money from ad revenues
  • Competitions - Entering competitions with cash prizes is another way to make money from esports. Some of these will require online payments, so remember to stay safe and secure online

Now you’re ready to take your gaming to the next level. With the esports community booming, there’s never been a better time to get involved.

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