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07 Dec 2018

Making money from esports: A quick guide

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For many years, getting paid to play video games was almost unheard of. But today esports have become a magnet for professional, competitive gamers.

Fancy finding out if your own gaming skills can earn you some cash? Here’s how you can make money from esports in today’s booming market.

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Set up your own esports stream

One of the quickest ways to make money from esports is to start gaming competitively yourself.

Only the best players succeed in turning their hobby into a money making career. But, there are plenty of opportunities to make yourself some extra pocket money by streaming your own games on a platform like Twitch.

Game developers will often pay popular streamers a fee for playing their latest titles and exposing them to a wide audience. If you have an extra large audience, you can also make extra cash through advertising revenue, though you’ll have to share a portion of this with the host site.

If you demonstrate some talent or commentate on live games and tournaments - and you build up a following - you could attract valuable sponsorships from esports companies.

Whichever route you try, the maths is simple: the more viewers your stream gets, the more opportunity there is to cash in.

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Open a Skrill account

Join an existing esports team or community

There are already plenty of well established esports teams looking for new recruits and some are attracting millions of pounds in revenue each year. Skrill currently sponsors QLASH, one of the most exciting pro teams in StarCraft 2, Clash Royale, FIFA, Vainglory, Fortnite, Overwatch and Hearthstone.

Joining an existing team isn’t an easy option, but if you have the right set of gaming skills, you can get in on the action. Be prepared to invest in the right equipment and play the long game; it’s going to take time, hard work and determination.

Participating in the online gaming community as much as you can in the meantime means you just might get your talent spotted by the right people.

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Try your hand at esports betting

With enough skill, passion and knowledge, it’s possible to make money from betting on other players in competitions and tournaments.

The more you know about your chosen sport or team, the more likely you are to see a return on your investment. This is a great option for non-competitive esports enthusiasts to make money from their hobby.

There are now hundreds of esports betting sites to choose from. Though just like any other sport, it’s always important to gamble responsibly.

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Invest in esports companies

With the esports industry booming, there has never been a better time to speculate and invest in the companies that are leading the field. Researching the market is crucial if you are to make the right decision and purchase stocks that will grow in value as the esports industry continues to evolve.

Of course, this option will require some capital which isn’t always easy to come by. Investment opportunities range from esports start-up or game developer to industry leader.

So, now you have the tricks of the trade, you can try your hand at making money from esports. Remember, you can make money from gameplay but you could also consider betting and investing in the esports industry.

Whichever way you choose to get into esports, a Skrill digital wallet makes transfering money a doddle. Online payments are fast, smart and discreet and can be made with your phone, tablet or PC. Sign up today to put your newfound gaming knowledge to the test.

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