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23 Mar 2020

4 ways Skrill helps you connect to the outside world

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With many around the world now confined to their home, our need to stay connected to one another is greater than ever.

Self-isolation and closed borders won’t only impact our social life; it will affect how we manage and move our money too.

Here’s how a digital wallet like Skrill will keep your money moving while you’re stuck in one place. 

1. Pay and get paid while working remotely

In times of self-quarantine en masse, more of us are making money and running businesses from home.

So, it’s important to have a quick, hassle-free way to get funds from A to B.

Skrill lets you send and receive money anywhere in the world in 40 different currencies.

If you’re sending to another Skrill account, you only need the recipient’s email address and the money arrives instantly.

a man working remotely

2. Send money overseas for free

Living in another country to your loved ones is hard, and the overseas travel bans in place are making it harder.

Currently, those of us with friends and family abroad are feeling even more cut off.

With Skrill Money Transfer, you can send money to a bank account overseas for free. This way, you can support those you care about even if you’re not there to see them in-person.

Send money with Skrill

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3. Pay and play from the comfort of your home

Humans are social beings, but right now some of us are having to go against our innate desire to interact with others.

One solution to our social distancing challenge is online gaming. Whether you enjoy big multi-player games like Overwatch or want to try your luck at poker, gaming online is a great way to meet and chat with other people.

Wherever you’re playing, Skrill makes paying online quick, easy and safe. You simply enter your Skrill login at the checkout and the funds are taken directly from your Skrill account.

4. Spend securely online anywhere Mastercard® is accepted

Many stores around the world are shut, which means lots of us are browsing the web for things we need.

Yet sadly, the coronavirus epidemic has come with a rise in online scams trying to take advantage of the situation.

If you’re unsure if you can trust a website, it’s sensible to pay with a digital wallet. That way, you’re using a pot of money that is separate from your bank account and you don’t need to share your personal details.

A Skrill Virtual Prepaid Mastercard® lets you pay with the funds in your Skrill account anywhere that accepts Mastercard®.

Get yours for free and stop dubious websites from adding to your worries.

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