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05 Mar 2019

What you need to know before working remotely abroad

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Working remotely abroad can be exciting but it also comes with challenges. Check out our top tips for staying motivated, connected and on top of money matters when you’re working in another country.

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Although working remotely is a great way to create a healthy work-life balance, it’s still important to create clear boundaries to avoid burning out. Set a working schedule and take designated lunch breaks as you would in an office.

Using a co-working space is a great way to meet other remote workers who may be facing the same challenges as you. Similarly, something as simple as daily meditation can help you to overcome any stress or anxiety you may be feeling.

Your health is important, physical and mental, so don’t neglect it.


Remote workers and freelancers are used to late payments – it comes with the territory.

But delayed payments while working abroad are a lot more frustrating. You need to be sure your payments will arrive safely, securely and as quickly as possible.

Working with clients across the globe often means you receive funds through a variety of methods, which can be tricky to stay on top of.

If you want to make it easy for global clients to pay you, Skrill allows them to pay you with just an email address. Alternatively, your clients can use Skrill to send money to your bank account free of charge.

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The novelty of working alone on a sun-kissed beach in Portugal can wear off surprisingly quickly, so it’s important to find creative ways to stay motivated.

Surround yourself with a network of like-minded remote workers by joining Facebook groups or attending networking events hosted by co-working spaces. Socialising with others in your position will help to keep you sane and also gives you the chance to bounce ideas off them.

Make sure you set your alarm and start each working day at the same time. Being able to work in harmony with your own body clock is one of the greatest benefits of remote working.

Dress for the working day too – working in your pyjamas might sound great but having a routine puts you in the right headspace.

Finally, celebrate the small wins, whether that means going on a hike or checking out a new exhibition in your new city.


When you’re working remotely somewhere breathtaking like Thailand, you’ll inevitably feel the urge to explore your new home during work hours.

When you’re deciding on the best way to take time off, see if you have a natural hiatus in your upcoming contracts and opportunities. Factoring in a loss of earnings is important, so take advantage of your upcoming quiet periods.

When you worked in an office, you had a standard amount of holiday to take, so you’re entitled to create your own holiday policy as a remote worker too.

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Many countries have tax laws that haven’t quite caught up with a globalised workforce, meaning the situation for remote workers isn’t always black and white.

Make sure you’re aware of all your financial responsibilities as a freelancer, contractor or remote worker when you’re working abroad. Put money aside each month and make sure you understand your tax position. It may well be worth contacting an accountant to make sure you’ve understood exactly what you need to do.

As you may well be on the move, it can be tricky to keep all the relevant documentation with you, whether it’s payslips or receipts. Scan or take photographs of all the relevant documents you need and then upload them to the cloud.

Skrill allows you to keep a record of all transactions made with a Skrill wallet, making your life a lot easier when you have to face the taxman.

Working remotely abroad, whether as an employee, a contractor or freelancer, can be one of the most liberating moves you can make.

By avoiding these common pitfalls, you can make sure your time abroad is as stress-free as possible. As a result, you can focus on living the adventure, lapping up the experience and enjoying your new surroundings. 

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