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14 Nov 2018

Keep your cash safe with Skrill

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When you're having new experiences abroad, the last thing you should worry about is being pick-pocketed. Thieves often operate at popular tourist attractions, so you'll need to be extra careful not to become a target.

Here are some of our top tips on how to keep your money safe when traveling.

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Don't carry all your cash at once

Whether you’re out sampling the nightlife or browsing local markets, there are plenty of opportunities for pickpockets to strike.

Skrill’s card is the safest alternative to carrying around cash. The Skrill Prepaid Mastercard is accepted at over 35 million stores and 2.1 million ATMs worldwide, so you can always access your money abroad.

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Take photos of cards and personal documents

Take pictures of important documents and cards including your passport. That way, if you ever become a victim of theft you can still pay for things like accommodation and travel online. In a pinch, the photos will also help you prove your identity.

Use ATMs inside banks or in busy areas

Depending on where you visit, using an ATM in a secluded area is like painting a target on your forehead.

Displaying your valuables isn’t sensible either. Only use cash machines inside the bank and if it's closed, you’re best to find one on a main road. Of course, the best option is to pay by card where possible.

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Don’t wear a money belt

Yes, they’re secure, but they also scream tourist. Spend your money instead on investing in a safe, smart handbag or wallet and you’ll blend in more as a local. Except for the souvenirs and sunburn, of course.

Split your sources of cash

Some areas might operate on a cash basis and that’s fine as long as you don’t carry it all in one place. If you can, keep money on your card and have an emergency cash stash in a different place. That way, if anything goes wrong, you’ll have a fund to help you plan your next steps.

The Skrill prepaid Mastercard is always on hand as your trusted travel companion, giving you peace of mind when you need it most. Here’s why it’s one of the best travel money cards on the market:

  • Accepted worldwide: Accepted by over 35 million stores and 2.1 million ATMs worldwide, you'll never struggle to access your money.

  • Convenient: Top-up anytime, anywhere through the Skrill app. Pay online or in-store at your favourite shops.

  • Secure: Benefit from the added security of your Skrill balance not being linked to your bank account and avoid the need to carry cash.

  • Priceless perks: Unlock unique experiences, benefits and upgrades exclusively available to cardholders with Mastercard Priceless Cities.

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