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21 Aug 2020

Sending money with Skrill made easier than ever with new send to phone number feature

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No email? No problem.

From this summer, you can transfer funds to friends and family using nothing more than a phone number, thanks to Skrill’s latest feature.

With Millennials and Gen-X consumers becoming ever-more reliant on their smartphones, our development team has been looking at ways to make sending money to loved ones even easier.

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Previously, you needed your recipient’s email address to transfer money to another Skrill wallet. Now, all you need is their phone number.

Maya, Senior Product Manager at Skrill, said:

"I chose to build the feature because it’s less common to communicate with friends and family via email nowadays (I don’t even know my mum’s email address.) This feature offers an easier way to send money – not only to your loved ones but to anyone you select from your phone book."

Regulated, secure and compliant with data protection laws, the send to phone number option is available in all countries where Skrill is supported, with transfers available in more than 40 currencies.

You can import your phone contacts directly to Skrill. Or, if you’d rather not share your entire phone book, you can enter your recipient’s number manually.

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Sending money to friends and family has never been more simple – with existing Skrill users receiving an instant credit to their wallet. If your recipient doesn’t have Skrill yet, he or she will receive a link enabling them to sign up in minutes.

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