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19 Oct 2021

Introducing Sports Corner: Need-to-know stats for predicting future results

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Who will place in the top 10 backup quarterbacks this year? Which players will rank among the top five superstars in this basketball season?

Skrill’s Sports Corner answers these and hundreds of other questions, helping you gather the information you need to place well researched bets.

View advanced statistics about games, teams and players, live scores and match details – all in one place. Plus find winning tips to help you judge a game’s outcome.

Whether you follow American football, basketball or soccer, here are some of the things this game-changing tool provides information on:

1. Winning tips:

Access pro tips and winning probabilities to make better game predictions. The probability of a team winning changes based on new scores and statistics, so remember to check back right before you place your bet.

winning tips screen

2. Head-to-head statistics:

See how past games have played out to learn each team’s strengths and weaknesses when facing one another. Use this vital information to predict future form.

team details in Sports corner app

3. Team standings:

Find out where different teams are in league standings and try anticipating what will happen next.

team standings list in the Skrill app

4. Line-up and depth chart:

Are the star players in or are they resting ahead of next week's big game? Check if the team is at full strength before placing your bet.

NFL depth chart under Game details in the app

5. Player comparison:

Get a clearer idea of how teams match up by comparing players in the same position from opposing teams. Which quarterback has the highest completion rate? Which running back rushes the most yards per game?

comparison of 2 players in Sports corner

6. Player injuries and latest news:

Could the absence of a key player affect the result? Quickly check recent news and the injury status of players for anything giving one team a competitive advantage over another.

NFL injuries list in the app

Sports Corner places all the sporting insights you crave in your Skrill wallet. If you like to bet, this easy-to-use feature will help you keep track of your favourite teams ahead of the game.

Visit the tool by logging in or gain access when you open a Skrill account today.

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