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23 Oct 2018

The Best Ways to Earn a Living Abroad

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Interested in working abroad but unsure of which route to take?

With technology changing how we work, there’s never been a better time to work overseas. From freelancing to working as a tour guide, we share the jobs with the most potential to help you earn a living abroad.

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Widespread adoption of flexible working means you don’t need to tie yourself to an office.

Many careers can be transferred to a contract position even if they don’t seem obvious: experience in accounting, logistics and project management are just as desirable for freelancers as blogging and programming.

Virtual Assistant

Calendar management, data entry and many other admin tasks can earn you a lucrative sum. Much like freelance work, all you need to earn cash as a virtual assistant is a laptop and a good WiFi connection.

Travel Agent

Exploring the globe and researching the best hotspots, hotels and excursions are all part of a travel agent’s duties.

Already got experience travelling, or speak a second language? Put your experience to good use and you could call the shots.

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Teaching A Second Language

Teaching a second language is a fantastic way to make a living when travelling and working abroad.

Language schools across the globe are always looking for teachers, especially in the Middle East where the average monthly salary is around £3,000 for English tutors.

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Tour Guide

Enthusiastic speakers with a knack for travelling can lead tours anywhere across the globe.

You’ll have to commit to a year or two to get to know your location, but alongside your salary, you’ll get travel and accommodation paid for.

Hostel Host

If you’re more of a backpacker, find hostels that hire travellers to work the reception desk. It’s basic pay, but there’s usually free room and board included as thanks.


Tourist locations are always easy gigs for bar staff, but it's easier to move into management if you can speak the local language.

To get started, visit local bars and ask if they’re hiring. If you’re enthusiastic enough, the tips are good and free booze is a given!

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Au Pair

Parents will pay a premium for a live-in nanny, with many contracts paying more for bilingual skills. Travel and accommodation costs are usually included in your salary, meaning most of your income can be saved or spent in your free time.

Ski Instructor

Experienced skier? Get certified as an instructor and give lessons for a living.

Although this is typically seen as a seasonal job, there are lots of places in Europe with year-round skiing opportunities.

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With speedy and safe money transfer guaranteed, all that’s left for you to do is enjoy your travels.

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