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28 Apr 2023

How does a prepaid card work?

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Getting the groceries for the month, subscribing to streaming services, playing online or even sorting out the home bills: paying for all these are more convenient with a card.

For those who prefer to have more control over their expenses, those with a low credit score or simply those who are looking for a modern and convenient solution, a good alternative is prepaid cards. You don’t know how they work? Today, we’ll answer your queries.

What is a prepaid card? What is the difference between them and traditional credit/debit cards?

As traditional bank cards, a prepaid card allows you to shop and pay for services without using cash.

The main difference is when the bill comes: instead of paying at the end of the month, like with a credit card, you load your prepaid card with a set amount, and your purchases will be deducted from this balance. You can top it up at any time with the amount you want. Another difference is it is impossible to go into debt using a prepaid card: you can only spend the amount you loaded on your balance – and never pay overdraft fees.

principais vantagens de usar um cartao pre-pago

What are the main advantages of using a prepaid card?


  • Cashless As most businesses accept card payments, you don’t need to carry cash to pay for purchases, for example. But, if you want, you can go to an ATM and withdraw cash at any time. ·
  • Blocking through the app In case of loss/theft, you can protect your money: all you have to do is to block the card, directly on the Skrill app. 
  • Expense control With a rechargeable card, you know exactly how much you’re going to spend – with no surprises at the bill! The logic is the same as pre-paid mobile phone plans: when your balance ends, you can’t spend anymore. In addition, the prepaid card is not linked to your bank account. The balance is separate, which makes it easier for you to control. 
  • No credit check/analysis These cards do not offer credit and, therefore, do not need to check these databases of debtors in the country. And, because they are prepaid, you don’t run the risk of getting into more debt by using these cards. 
  • Use abroad You can use your Skrill card in any store that accepts Mastercard worldwide, and pay a more advantageous exchange rate than that charged by banks.
  • Convenience Use your card to make contactless payments and track spending with the Skrill app.

I found that interesting. How can I request one?

You can request a Skrill Mastercard prepaid card today.

Controle de gastos com um cartao recarregavel

É só:

Cadastrar · Abra sua conta Skrill no site ou no app. · Acesse a aba “Cartão Pré-Pago Skrill Mastercard” e solicite o seu cartão.
Usar · Enviaremos o cartão físico, que chegará em até 10 dias úteis. · Enquanto espera, enviaremos a versão virtual do seu cartão, para que você já possa usar em compras on-line.
Ativar · Quando receber o cartão, ative-o em um caixa automático ou em uma compra presencial, usando sua senha.

And what if I want to buy online?

It’s easy! On your cart, all you have to do is choose “Mastercard” as your payment method and add your Skrill Mastercard data. And you can start using it today: when you order your Skrill Mastercard, we immediately issue a digital card.

Add your card to mobile wallets

Use your Skrill prepaid card on Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay to make contactless payments in-store or online.

Prepaid cards are a safe payment method that can be used both for in-person and online purchases. Order your prepaid Skrill Mastercard card right now, with no bureaucracy, and start shopping in a convenient way, without losing control of your expenses.

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